“riBBon,”GOT7 BamBam’s first solo debut title track lands in iTunes charts! And it’s all over the world! BamBam’s official solo debut promises a bright future for his career!

“riBBon” mini-album and title track

On June 15 when GOT7 BamBam finally debuts as a solo artist with a solo mini-album entitled ‘riBBon”. It is also the name of the title track.

It did not take long after its release that both title track and album rose higher and higher in iTunes charts in several countries worldwide!

“riBBon” peaked at No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums in 34 various regions.

The title track went No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs charts in 29 several regions.

What’s the story behind the official solo debut, album, and track?

An article from Soompi shares the story behind BamBam’s online press conference held last June 15.

The Thai singer, songwriter, rapper, composer, and producer shares that for the last seven years promoting under a group, he had desires to show who he is.

“I wanted to show off my own color, and I thought about wanting to showcase songs that I had made.”


“Since this is the first time I’ve gone solo in Korea, I wanted to show that ‘this is BamBam.'”

Did he worry about the concept?

“I had bigger worries about my skills.”

“I haven’t been able to show my vocals much until now, so I thought a lot about what kind of songs it’d be best to sing. I also thought about how I could convey my energy when filling a stage on my own that used to have seven people.”

What can he say about K-Pop?

“How I came to love music. Through K-pop, I began singing, dancing, and rapping, and also became a singer. A lot of people overseas also listen to K-pop, and I believe that this genre can unite people globally as one.”

What does he want to attain through his album?

BamBam answers:

“As it’s my first-time solo, I want to win first place on a music show, and I hope more people learn about BamBam.”

“My personality itself is bright, so I hope that many people enjoy themselves through my songs.”

“Through this concept, I also think I’ve gained a lot of energy.”

Have you seen the official MV of GOT7 BamBam’s “riBBon”? It already has 27 million views and 637K likes since it’s premiere on June 15!

Watch it here!

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