Swifties can’t contain their excitement over Taylor Swift announcing the next re-recorded album last week and they can only express it the way they know all to well. Through humor! So here’s the best ones as we wait in agony until November, where we’ll just be in agony from revisiting the 16 (+ 19 more!) songs from the RED sessions.

1. Twitter: @sourminds

Taylor gave us all the late 00’s nostalgia with Fearless (Taylor’s Version). Suddenly, everyone’s a teen again, and it was a great revisit to a time when things were somehow easier. All the more can be said for RED, but at a relatively closer past in 2012.

2. Twitter: @intheweeeds


3. Twitter: @alexandergold

We were soooo ready to getting down to this sick beat once again, but alas! We were sooo wrong with our 1989 theories! Better luck next time figuring the third one, everyone!

4. Twitter: @falsegodlayla13


Anyone familiar with the drama behind Tay Tay’s masters would find this appropriate. This is just too good!

5. Twitter: @swiftxlover

That goes for everyone from Taylor’s love life as she revisits songs, both released and shelved. Swift’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal takes the spotlight with this record, and perhaps any of the 19 extra songs might shed some more light. Joe Jonas sure knows what that’s like with Mr. Perfectly Fine a few months ago.

6. Twitter: @delicatestan1

7. Twitter: @dobanti

With that, fans have been speculating that the 10 minute song Taylor Swift’s been teasing in her announcement is the longer version of All Too Well.

8. Twitter: @heyjaeee

Seeing how it turned well for Fifteen in Fearless (Taylor’s Version), where it seems like from the old version, she sounded like a best friend giving great advice to an older sister with the updated one, we have no doubt the other “number song” will take an interesting turn.

9. Twitter: @needy4moonlight

10. Twitter: @hletmeadoreyou

It goes without saying that we’ll be celebrating by weeping when RED (Taylor’s Version) hits streaming services on November 19!

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