Seventeen debuts on Billboard 200, the main albums chart on this week via their latest EP. The group’s first introduction to the U.S. most prominent chart since the group’s astounding seven-year career.

Seventeen on Billboard 200 official update

The group’s eight mini-album lands at No. 15 on this week’s BB 200. Billboard updated the official results on its Twitter account.

It is the first time for the 13 member act to mark the main singles or album charts of Billboard ever since Seventeen’s debut back in 2015.

Spoke into existence!

On the press conference Seventeen had upon the release of their album, they did not shy away from confessing their goal to secure a place on Billboard’s top charts.

Seungkwan, the group’s main vocalist, did not hesitate to admit the truth, stating;

“We always release our albums on a Monday. But this is our first time releasing (album) on a Friday. And we’re targeting audiences in the U.S. and America as well. So I think we’ll have more opportunities to perform on global shows, so it would be really nice to place our name on Billboard’s main chart.”

“If we do place our name on the main chart, that would be really, really great.”

When asked if there’s a specific number in mind, the members shared some digits.

The leader, S.Coups humbly said;

“Just placing our name on the chart would be a real honor.”

The members quipped that placing 17th would be awesome.

But, CARATs (Seventeen’s fandom) made sure to make the group shine brighter and placed them on no. 15 instead! 

The group continued its promotions for the global market and performed their title track ‘Ready to Love’ on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

and ‘MTV Fresh Out Live.”

Seventeen’s eight mini-album ‘Your Choice’ has six tracks and reached a sales high as it surpassed a million albums sold!

Watch the group’s ‘Ready to Love’ official MV here!

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