2PM is back with their latest ‘Make It,’ the title track of their seventh studio album, “MUST,” after their five-year pause!

First Comeback in almost five years!

After the 2PM members finally completed the mandatory military duties that the South Korean government requires, they are back on stage!

They have not performed altogether as a group in almost five years.

In the recent interview, the members shared their thrill of returning as a whole group and performing for their fans.

‘Make It’ with 2PM

In January 2020, Jun.K was discharged from the military.

The songs’ Last Year’ and ‘My House’ received much love even though it was released back in 2015.

Because of this unexpected but much-welcomed incident, the members of 2PM and its company thought about offering new music that exceeds the sexy vibes of ‘My House.’

The development paved the way for the creation of ‘Make It.’

We worked hard and returned with ‘Make It.’ So please show it lots of love,” Jun.K said.

Junho viral fancam became the focal point of ‘My House’ resurgence, and it’s without a doubt that he did enjoy the popularity.

Taecyeon adds that the algorithm played a significant part, stating;

“I think the YouTube algorithm played a big part in the resurgence.”

“I’m thankful that ‘Make It’ was chosen as the title track,” Wooyoung said.

He then explained the concept behind the song and album.

Nickhyun said that he really likes the ‘beast-dol’ reference of them and confidently stated that;

“2PM is 2PM.”

Chansung affirms that although junior groups have their style, he confessed that Stray Kids’ juniors had caught his eye.

“I don’t think there are groups that are similar to us since every group has their style. Our juniors, Stray Kids, really caught my eye. I want them to succeed.” 

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If you haven’t watched ‘Make It’ MV, then check it out now!

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