SOLO is Khail SOLO’s debut EP from the 2010’s, now released as a Deluxe Edition, featuring remixes and bonus content. It is comprised of his independently released singles from 2014 to 2016. It’s an eclectic effort that has tracks influenced by the contemporary artists at the time such as Miguel, Drake, and The Weeknd, with 90’s R&B flourishes.

SOLO, and along with F*** Your Feelings Vol. 1, is the first stop for Khail SOLO’s campaign in 2022 for RE-INTRODUCTION. A five consecutive month long project of remakes of older material not included in SOLO, as a rebranding for Khail SOLO as a performer, aside from being a record producer. At its heart, this project is dedicated to his late father, as well as hoping it’s a source of inspiration for struggling artists such as himself that one can improve over time.


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