2019. The trend at the time was the “Ten Year Challenge”, where everyone got to share how much have changed with themselves in a decade It’s the year the REMAKE for Resident Evil 2 got released. It was also that year when Taylor Swift announced that she’s going to RE-RECORD everything from her first six albums. Most importantly, it was the year where everything changed for all of us.

2019 also happened to be the year that I decided to take a break from the music scene so I can properly grieve my father’s death. This three part project is dedicated in his memory. I hope that through this, I can somehow reassure him that our story, his surviving family, lives on.

Thought that the next time I’ll make a comeback, I’d start off with something new and rebrand myself as a singer and performer first, songwriter and producer second., But before that, I thought I should go over some songs

I thought weren’t represented well, the first time around. the once that whenever I get to perform them every once in awhile, people respond to them the most. It was during the process of going through with it, that it turned out to be THE destination, and not just a stop at the journey.

I have been busy with re-recording my older material since 2020, and it couldn’t have been done if it weren’t for a handful of collaborators, both old and new. Every aspect of it is a team effort, and I am still grateful for everyone involved, and for keeping this a secret for so long. With this campaign, I’m also including NEVER BEFORE RELEASED songs I didn’t get to finish around the same time the original versions were released. They will serve as B-sides to the main releases, so this isn’t just backtracking.

This is me taking part of that Ten Year Challenge trend, and I hope it becomes an INSPIRING FORCE to each and everyone of you to believe that YES, you can improve, and YES there’s always room for growth, and you should never let anyone take your dream away from you.

They have been with me for so long, and I’ve never been more satisfied. But now is the time to share it to the rest of the world.


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