ATEEZ first Japanese single lends their fantastic voices for the popular Japanese animation series “Digimon” OST.


The South Korean boy group under KQ Entertainment has eight members, Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yeosang, Yunho, Mingi, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho.

On June 24th, their agency officially stated the group is releasing the first single album entitled ‘Dreamers’ on July 28th.


ATEEZ’s forthcoming single album shall include the title song ‘Dreamers’ and a B-side track named “Blue Summer.” Another song in the album is the acoustic version of ‘Still Here,” which is among the first songs of ATEEZ’s ‘Into the A to Z,” the group’s first Japanese studio album.

‘Dreamers’ is an uplifting track that gives hopeful and encourageable messages when you chase your dreams.

The title track will be the ending theme song for the ‘Digimon Adventure,’ Fuji TVs’ famous Japanese animated series that’ll start in July.

The Digimon Adventure is also called “Digimon: Digital Monsters” in other countries.

Fan meeting soon!

KQ Entertainment also announced that ATEEZ would have their Japanese fan meeting called ‘ATEEZ SUMMER VACATION CAMP – Dreamers’ by July’s end.


The group recently joined the Mnet’s “Kingdom” and showed many of their talents through their performances.

The songs that the group made for Kingdom also made it to the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart a few weeks ago.

ATEEZ’s ‘The Real” landed at No. 6 in the chart.

Are you excited about the upcoming Japanese single?

Would you like to see the ATEEZ’s ‘Dreamers’ teaser? Watch it here!

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